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Arcade Mania Upright Machine Game

Arcade Mania Upright Machine Game
Upright Arcade Machine Arcade Mania Upright Machine Game
Arcade Mania Upright Machine Game


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Arcade Mania Upright Machine Game

This upright arcade game has over 150 all time favourite arcade games packed into it. The ultimate in retro cool for everyone in the family, old and young alike, providing endless hours of exciting action and fun. Fitted with genuine arcade buttons and joystick controls for reliability and authenticity. Featuring a 14" high resolution colour monitor, protected by a high impact clear perspex screen. Mains on/off and volume controls are fitted to the rear.

There's no assembly required, you just plug it in and play. The digital sounds, spectacular colour and dynamic graphics provide a superior playing experience. Scroll down the on-screen menu with joystick for quick and easy selection of games and instantly exit and reselect new games in a flash. This arcade game even has a pause button allows to prevent interruptions stopping you finishing a game off. Play one another with the easy control panel 1 or 2 players option. This Arcade Game is the perfect addition for the home, games room or workplace.

Arcade Upright Games List
Power Soccer, Onyanko Town, Raid on Bay Sasa, Doughboy Asteroyds, Route 16 Tiger-Heli, F1 Race, Gyrodine, Mach Rider, Island 2, Boxing,  Arkanoid Spartan X, Calculate,  Wrestle, Contra, Pooyan Super Chinese, Popeye Street Fighter, Geimos Volguard II, Ninja I, Spy Hunter, Thexder Penguin, Ninja II, Spy vs Spy, Challenger, Baltron, Ninja III, Elevator Action, Clu Clu Land, Peepar Time, Combat Gradius, Twinbee, Star Luster, Hydlide Balloon Flight, Aso, Badminton, Space Hunter, Cross Fire, Babel, World Cup Soccer, B-Wings Binary Land, Metro-Cross, Baseball, Double Strike, Galg, Sky Kid, Tennis, Sky Destroyer, Jewelry Jajamaru Wrecking Crew, Bomber Man, Star Force, Quarth, Lode Runner, Duck Eggs, Exerion, Solomon Key, Lode Runner 2, Magmax Formation-Z, F15 City War, Golf, The New Type, Macross, Transformation, Contra Force, Circus Charlie, Banana, Mickey Mouse, Heavy Barrel, Zippy Race, Lotlot, Ice Hockey, Wan Wan Panic, Nuts & Milk, Bokosuka Wars, Pro Wrestling, Choplifter, Chitei Fight, Gyruss, Volleyball, Front Line, Urusei Track & Field, Kung Fu, Antarctic Adventure, Missile Command, Paper Boy, Star Soldier, Urban Champion, Space Aliens, Spelunker, Argus, Flappy, Pinball, Seicross, Aladin, Multi Labyrinth, Double Dragon, Goonies, Knights Fight, 1942, Scramble, Lunar Ball, Karateka, 100m Dash, Flipull Exed Exes, City Connection, Long Jump, Alpine Ski, Excitebike, Door Door, 100m Hurdles, Arabian, Son Son, 10-Yard Fight, Brush Roller, 80 Days, Road Fighter, Soccer, High Jump, Star Gate, Turtle 5, Othello, Javelin, Bowling, Max Warrior, Lolo, Skeet Shoot, Pandamar, Sqoon, Ice Climber, Triple Jump, Archery, Bomb Jack, Tank 90, Devil World

Upright Machine Dimensions:
  • Height: 160cm (5'2)
  • Width: 53cm (1'7)
  • Depth: 65cm (2'1)
  • Weight: 71Kg

* This manufacturer may charge extra for delivery to Scotland, Wales, offshore islands, Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. Please enquire before ordering if you think this might apply to you. Your delivery maybe delayed if not checked at point of order.

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